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                    • Direct Properties can make your dream home a reality. We remove the nightmare of foreign legislation, that can present a barrier for many foreigners wishing to make a purchase abroad. We take you through each stage step by step to avoid confusion. Direct Properties remove any problems and ensure a straightforward process, since buying in Turkey is considerably easier than in other European countries.

• Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey under their own names. There are some areas where foreigners are not allowed to buy, to avoid raising property prices to levels Turkish people cannot afford - a precaution we think is very sensible. (The regulations for ownership are outlined in the 'Turkish Civil Code', for a foreign person purchasing a property.

• When you choose the property that you decide to buy,Fırstly you have to put down a small amount of deposit (usually £3000 - £5000 cash) as a holding deposit. Please note that foriegn cheques are not accepted in Turkey. But they do accept Travellers cheques.

*We proceed to write out your contract, on the same day that you pay your deposit, item per item the contract is very clear on instruction on how the process works, and on how the owner of the property who sells his property to you, would like his payments made to him. The owners instructions are listed in your contract, and signed on the same day.

*This process takes between 12 and 16 weeks for all your papers to be returned from Izmir, hence is why we give our customers to pay up to the 3 or 4 month payment plan to allow for the time it takes  for your paper work to return from Izmir.

* Please note that it is very important for you our customer to understand that when you give power of attorney this means that we only have power to act on your behalf as the buyer, this legal notary paper means that in no way can we sell your property, it is purely active only for the buying and NOT for selling process.**


• Normally, you sign a paper at the notary, giving us the power of attorney to handle transactions in your name. This is to save your time and money, flying to Turkey to sign the deed-papers.
(You can do it yourself if you don't mind the hassle of going to the Turkish Embassy in England  and flying to Turkey. Alternatively you can also appoint a lawyer for an arranged fee without the need to travel. *)

• The paperwork takes less than an hour. Then the papers will be sent to Izmir as mentioned above. When the papers come back from Izmir, we call or e-mail you and then you send the 75% balance of the property price, plus the agent's commission. Then all the paperwork and procedure is finished and the title deed of your dream home is registered under your name.

Money Transfer is not a complicated process. All you have to do is open an account with a Turkish bank, of your choice; free of charge and when you receive the official papers, give Direct Properties or a solicitor, power of attorney, to access your money from the Turkish account, on order to pay the vendor. For your own peace of mind, you do not have to place any money into the account before this time. Prior to coming to Turkey however, all you will need is the sort code, account number and home bank details to ensure trouble free transactions and initial transfers.

•The taxes and general expenses cost around £800-900 + 3% for the title deeds depending on the price of the property you buy. This money is to be paid at the deeds office by the purchaser. In Turkey, estate agents do the job of the solicitor; officially you do not need one. But obviously if you wish to use one, you can. A solicitor would cost around £300.00*

• Unlike other countries, you can sell your property and transfer the proceeds out of Turkey.

These are standard terms offered by all Turkish estate agents.

Caution is urged when selecting your estate agent as people can pose as authentic agents but without appropriate investigation it is difficult to know whether the agent is reputable. Direct Properties provide an authentic and professional service. Our service is second to none. Our Professionals will assist you each step of the way to ensure that your purchasing journey is trouble free.

Direct Properties provide a unique service. Our friendly, English speaking and knowledgable team will organise a 3 day, 2 night stay in one of the best hotels in Fethiye. They will introduce you to local customs, traditions and  history, especially specific to the areas in which you are interested in purchasing.

Your journey will begin with us at the airport, where we will pick you up. We will pay for your transfers and assist you to your hotel. Your stay will be at our expense, to make your experience free of complication. If you are not too fatigued from your travelling, once again at our expense, we will take you for a meal in a traditional. local restaurant and chat. We can also discuss suitable times for your visits to a selection of our properties and make some arrangements for visits.

At this stage, customers can feel overwhelmed, it is our aim to make your stay as relaxed as possible. You choose at leisure and there is no 'hard sell' to make you feel pressured and frustrated. We will maintain communication with you throughout your stay and nurture a relationship that will guide you to feeling more self sufficienct and empowered into making the best choice for youself.

Please do email us with any other questions you may have.


                      Email us: info@directproperties-turkey.com

                                           Tel: 0090 252 614 99 60

                                           Fax:0090 252 614 99 60 

                                          Mobil: 0090 536 838 96 30

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Direct Properties Turkey 
 Tel: 90252 614 99 60 Fax: 90252 614 99 60
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